Sunday, June 17, 2012


The Narrow Leaf Ficus (Ficus nerifolia regularis) is part of a large family of tropical plant material that includes the Banyan tree and the common Ficus houseplant. Because it grows vigorously and adapts easily to containers, Ficus nerifolia is a popular plant species for bonsai. I purchased this triple-trunk tree as semi-trained material from Moyogi Bonsai in Lake Park, Georgia, in late summer 1991. Several years of refinement and development followed and culminated with the bonsai receiving a first prize from the Atlanta Bonsai Society in June 1995.

I began restyling the tree a few years ago but have decided to focus more on my deciduous and evergreen material. If you have a warm greenhouse or sunny basement or sunporch, overwintering this material is not a problem. The foliage easily tolerates temperatures to 50 degrees. The purchase price includes an electric grow mat that you can use during the winter to keep the root mass 7 degrees to 10 degrees above the ambient air temperature.

The tree measures approximately 34 inches wide by 28 inches high by 28 inches deep. It is in an oval ceramic pot that measures 24.25 inches by 16.25 inches x 2.75 inches. I've placed a six-inch ruler in the photo for reference. It is very likely a Houtoku pot purchased from the monastery.

The sales price for this fine and rare tree is $1100 (or $950 without the ceramic pot). If interested, contact Steve Knapp at or 770-463-1595.

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